Pastor's Aide
The Pastor's Aide Ministry provide support and service to pastor and family, provide ... more

The purpose of the Evangelism Ministry is to encourage the church to share the Gospel and equip ... more

Mission Ministry
The Mission Ministry provides a beneficial outreach for church, providing food and clothing to ... more

Visitation Ministry
Our purpose The purpose of the Visitation Team is to offer prayer and encouragement to people ... more

The Brotherhood Ministry is to assist the men and young men to strengthen their personal ... more

Women's Ministry
SEEDS Seeking, Equipping, Encouraging, Devoted Sisters ... the older women likewise, that they ... more

Youth RAP
The Youth RAP (Responsible Action People) Ministry is for youth ages 7-18 that gives them an ... more

Choir Ministries
The Music Ministry consists of two choirs (Youth/Young Adults and Women's) and an Adult ... more

Music Ministry
The Music Ministry Team consists of three spirit-filled young adults that creates an ... more

Praise Dance
The Praise Dance Ministry, honor God by ministering in dance, giving God the ... more

Hospitality Ministry
The purpose of the Hospitality Ministry is to plan and implement social events pertaining to ... more

Scholarship In today’s world it is a necessity to have a good education, not just to ... more

The Website Ministry is responsible for the adminstrative upkeep of Christ Full ... more

Food Bank
The Food Bank ministry helps the community families in need. This ministry want's ... more

Finance Ministry

Media Ministry

Youth Ministry